VLDRVery Low Density Residential
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AOD (500 nm) throughout SALTRACE at Cabo Verde, Barbados, and Puerto Rico together with a time-height cross section of VLDR (532 nm) illustrating the dust layer at Barbados.
Time-altitude cross sections of VLDR detected with the TROPOS lidar BERTHA at three different locations between Africa and the Caribbean (Ouarzazate, Morocco; Praia, Cabo Verde; and Barbados) in summer 2006, 2008, 20I3, and 20I4 and in winter 2008 and 20I4.
(top) Measurements of VLDR (532 nm) and attenuated backscatter coefficient detected with the LMU lidar POLIS before, during, and after the passage of Tropical Storm Chantai, and on 11 Jul 2013 during the time of the first Falcon flight (Fig.