VLDSVery Large Data Store
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The 6.5 Creedmoor was designed around long pointy bullets with very low drag (VLD).
These include their 185-grain Match VLD (.549 BC), 190-grain Match VLD (.570 BC) and 210-grain Match VLD Target (.631 BC).
Its ARMOR data multiplexers are used in multi-channel telemetry applications as the front-end for its Model 64 and buffered VLDS S-VHS cassette recorders.
The return from 50% to normal osmolarity also elicited VLDs; hence, VLD formation occurred when the cell was reshrinking and membrane tension was falling back to normal.
With VLDs, I start with the cartridge loaded length about 0.006" longer than contacting the throat, jamming the bullet into the throat, and adjust from there.
This is why the .33 Nosier will work better with VLDs than the .338 Win.
To find a VLDs sweet spot, start with the same steps above but begin with about 0.005" of jam into the throat.
tape cassette format is used by Metrum Instrumentation Products (Denver, CO) in its Buffered VLDS (BVLDS) line of instrumentation recorders.
After one shot at 25 yards to make sure the collimating was reasonably close, I fired a 3-shot group at 100, using Hunting Shack factory ammo loaded with 168-grain Berger Hunting VLDs. Despite a fairly stiff quartering wind, the shots went into a little over an inch.
With that fast twist, best groups so far have been with 140- and 142-grain Sierra MatchKings and 140-grain Berger Match Target VLDs. Best of the best (which, admittedly, I did not shoot) so far is a .223-inch cluster with the moly-coated Bergers.