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VLESVariable Length Execution Set (software)
VLESVery Large Eddy Simulation
VLESVirtual Learning Environment System (education)
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You would normally receive on-the-job training, covering your employer''s VLE and information management procedures.
2005), the new curricula in Mexico provided a unique opportunity to test the effectiveness of EL principles in F2F and VLEs to teach social workers basic skills and more specifically, to teach basic active-listening skills (ALS).
You will also be integrating new VLE components into an organisation's wider web content management system and modifying content for delivery to other platforms, such as mobile phones and hand-held PDAs.
001), VLEs display significantly more initiative than the SMEs.
A VLE offers an ideal opportunity for this level of
Here participants got a glimpse of the tutor's role as "nervous parents" in VLEs like Lyceum (see Hauck & Haezewindt, 1999, p.
Regarding the "majority" question, note that what they, according to Vles, "agree" on is extremely general.
Another aspect of the VLE format that we may explore in the future is the use of electronic marking of coursework that has been submitted electronically.
The Ministers in addition released a handbook of NDLM in Urdu and distributed I-Pads among VLEs.
LOs and VLEs quality criteria systems used in this model have been accordingly presented earlier in (Kurilovas et al.