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VLFVery Low Frequency (3-30 kHz; 100-10km)
VLFVehicle License Fee
VLFVirtual Lookaside Facility (IBM)
VLFVegetable Liberation Front
VLFVisitor Location Function
VLFVery Low Flow
VLFVaskemiddelleverandørenes Forening (Norwegian union of detergent producers)
VLFVectored-Lift Fighter (military aviation)
VLFVertical Linear Foot
VLFVillage Level Federation
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The known problem with the VLF system is that if the vault is owned by a single entity, the power of that entity would become enormous (generating almost unlimited profits).
If Davis succeeds in claiming VLF and unused redevelopment funds for the state, dries will face tremendous budget shortfalls.
If you have a magnetometer or VLF receiver and wish to contribute, please contact me at g4csd@ yahoo.
Given the potential value of VLF, I believe many companies would be willing to invest in and build such a system.
The LOCAL Coalition commends Governor Schwarzenegger and Controller Westly for their action today to restore critical VLF funding for cities and counties.
The contribution from Coors pushes the VLF over its original goal of $3 million," said Jeannie Baliles, Virginia's First Lady, founder of the VLF.
The Navy s LaMoure VLF facility is an important link in the overall Submarine and DoD communications network.
Starbase controls and collects data from a number of 'plug and play' instruments, initially radio telescopes and associated instruments such as magnetometers and VLF receivers, but also, potentially, optical telescopes.
There was sufficient money for public safety without the exorbitant VLF, but suddenly there is not.
December 10th marks the first day cities and counties will be receiving reduced monthly VLF payments from the State as the result of the recent roll-back of the VLF.
A down-hole resistivity survey and surface gravity and VLF - EM surveys of the mine area and the La Blanca and Comanche zones which are located 500 meters to the S.
Both the VLF receiver and magnetometer are largely the work of John Cook (Solar Section), with other work by David Farn, Martyn Kinder, Paul Hyde, Alan Melia and Norman Pomfret.