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It is really a difficult task but not impossible to design a VLF antenna which can be used underwater for submarine communications.
The known problem with the VLF system is that if the vault is owned by a single entity, the power of that entity would become enormous (generating almost unlimited profits).
Just as the fight to preserve VLF and other local revenues is not the first between cities and state, it also is not the first time the state has tried to use local revenues to shore up a budget deficit.
The new VLF station will strengthen this infrastructure and provide the Navy additional operational advantages".
If you have a magnetometer or VLF receiver and wish to contribute, please contact me at g4csd@ yahoo.
Given the potential value of VLF, I believe many companies would be willing to invest in and build such a system.
Cities and counties use VLF revenue to pay for police and fire departments and other local services.
Coors' Virginia distributors contributed 10 cents to the VLF for every case of Coors, Coors Light and Coors Extra Gold sold during June.
Pink Sheets:IPRE), the film production company behind "All That I Need," has selected VLF Media & Promotions as its agency of record to provide publicity for their current feature and upcoming projects.
VLF radio waves are used for communicating with submarines that are underwater and the Indian Navy has been operating a similar facility for the last 24 years.
Starbase controls and collects data from a number of 'plug and play' instruments, initially radio telescopes and associated instruments such as magnetometers and VLF receivers, but also, potentially, optical telescopes.
There was sufficient money for public safety without the exorbitant VLF, but suddenly there is not.