VLFSVery Large Floating Structures
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In this work, we add to the standard model (SM) a gauge-singlet "hidden sector" containing a vector-like fermion (VLF) dark matter [psi] and a scalar [phi].
In this work, we study the prospects of a singlet VLF to be dark matter for various dark matter masses, taking a benchmark value of the [phi] mass of 1 TeV.
We present the formulas for the SM fermion (SMF) and VLF contributions to the scalar-gluon-gluon ([phi]gg) and scalar-photon-photon ([phi][gamma][gamma]) loop-level couplings.
An approximation theory for the analysis of the displacement and bending moment of a VLFS, based on multimodules beam theory (MBT), was recently developed by Lu et al.
In this paper, Lu's methodology for the computation of the displacement along the VLFS has been improved, and some new methods have been developed for the computation of the section loads.
The methodology has been extended to time domain analysis based on IRF theory, and this paper attempts to simulate the hydroelastic response of the VLFS in waves with some moving point mass.
Therefore, the VLFS can only be described as infinite dimensional interconnected system.
Furthermore, the controller for a class of look-ahead VLFS with the above uncertainties is constructed by the sliding mode control method.
The effect of ELFs, VLFs, and EMFs on VDT users has been the subject of much debate.
Although none has specifically dealt with VDTs, the studies on VLF and ELF emissions have provided some alarming results.
The element numbers of the wetted surfaces of the VLFS require a large memory capacity, and the time domain model contains the time parameter.
[18] investigated a transient response analysis of a VLFS due to impulsive landing of an airplane by FEM.