VLIRFlemish Interuniversity Council (Belgium)
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We collected VLIR data in four sites: Choctaw Island Wildlife Management Area (CIWMA), Cut-Off Creek Wildlife Management Area (CCWMA), Lakeside Hunting Club (LHC) and Wingmead Farms (WMF).
Our use of transects and VLIR likely minimized the effect of deciduous hardwoods and maximized the probabilities of detection.
Given that the uniform distribution provided the best fit for the other three sites, we did not find this source of variation influential on those sites; however, it is a source of error that should be considered when using VLIR.
Availability bias occurs when animals are not available for detection, such as in VLIR when deer are under canopy and are not visible from above.
1995), and the probability of detection using VLIR also appeared to be site-specific.
Our results indicate that VLIR data analyzed with distance sampling can provide levels of precision sufficient for long-term management practices when collected in bottomland hardwood forests and agriculturally dominated landscapes in winter.
At the start of the project, in early 1997, a project team was set up, consisting of the research staff of the VLIR, researchers of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University (the Netherlands), and a staff member of the Science and Innovation administration of the Ministry of the Flemish Community.
In May 2000, about ten months after publication of the final report, the Committee gave its comments, in an official letter to the VLIR.