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(8.) van der Vlist EJ, Nolte-'t Hoen ENM, Stoorvogel W, Arkesteijn GJA, Wauben MHM.
VliSt ={[v.sub.1], [v.sub.2], ..., [v.sub.vtemp],..., [v.sub.vend]} (5)
Researchers have suggested that employee turnover intention can lead to poor performance at work (Steel & Ovalle, 1984), such as frequent absence and negligence (van Breukelen, van der Vlist, & Steensma, 2004).
Apos desenvolverem uma analise longitudinal de pequenas e medias empresas de horticultura holandesa, sob diferentes regimes de politica ambiental, Vlist, Withagen e Folmer (2007) afirmaram que a regulamentacao ambiental mais restrita reduz a ineficiencia tecnica, apoiando a HP.
(34.) Gringhuis SI, Kaptein TM, Wevers BA, Theelen B, Van der Vlist M, Boekhout T, et al.
Turnbull and van der Vlist (2014) use data from Orange County, Florida.
These findings are consistent with a wide range of research indicating that various forms of uncertainty more adversely affect SMEs than they do larger businesses (Ghosal and Loungani 1996; Koetse, Van der Vlist, and De Groot 2006; Bianco et al.
The five Pretoria instruments were erected at a new observing site at the CSIR, which was likely to be more practical, and where the first observation was made by N van der Vlist on 22 March.
Joining Salti in the white cube were countryman Amanda Abi Khalil, Holland's Nat Muller and Eline van der Vlist and Briton Kyla McDonald, all of whom have somehow been implicated in the Beirut art scene.