VLJVery Light Jet (aircraft)
VLJVolunteer Lawyers for Justice (Newark, NJ)
VLJVereinigung Liberaler Juristen eV (German: Association of Liberal Lawyers)
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Cirrus always termed its product a "personal jet" rather than a VLJ.
We have looked at a VLJ for SOCATA, but we didn't believe the product separation for us was great enough.
With economic growth widely predicted again in 2010, "now is the time to start preparing infrastructure, and planning diversification" stated Edwin Brenninkmeyer from Oriens Advisors, specialist VLJ consultants.
Citation, Embraer, and Adam Aircraft have entered the VLJ market, and Eclipse reports orders for 2,500 of its jets.
by videoconference at a VA RO; or in person when a VLJ travels to the appellant's area (38 C.
On the VLJ side, Pratt & Whitney has become the leading supplier of small turbofan engines for that niche.
Back in the ebullient days of 2002, before the iPhone became the bright, shiny object du jour, our frenzy was focused on something else: The coming of the very light jet or VLJ whose speed, affordability and ease of access were going to revolutionize personal transportation in the same way the internet rewrote the rules of communication.
The new VLJ Aircraft Management Program will give those with VLJ aircraft with access to aircraft maintenance, pilot training and the potential for higher charter revenues.
The Mustang is Cessna's entry in an entirely new class of aircraft, the very light jet, or VLJ.
Adam Aircraft has fallen in what, I believe, is the first of several VLJ dreams to crash and burn.