VLKSMVsesoyuzniy Leninsky Kommunistichesky Sozyuz Molodyozhi (Young Communists Organization)
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In the first two versions here cited, the memorandum is signed "From Gypsy activists" while in the version last cited, it is signed "From Gypsy members of the VKP/b/and VLKSM.
42) For the original, 1922 oath, see Dokumenty TsK KPSS i TsK VLKSM o rabote Vsesoiuznoi pionerskoi organizatsii imeni V.
18) The list may not have been specifically Komsomol (even though the most popular books came from the VLKSM publishing house), but there is no doubt that the Soviet Union succeeded in creating a specifically Soviet reading experience among adolescents and young adults.