VLLVielleicht (German: maybe)
VLLVirtual Leased Line
VLLValladolid, Spain - Valladolid (Airport Code)
VLLVienna Little League (Vienna, VA)
VLLVillas Loma Linda (Mexican resort)
VLLVertical Line Left
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VLL is based on the company's flagship Truffle Broadband Bonding product line that combines multiple broadband Internet connections of any type including DSL, cable, T1, fiber into a single virtual high-speed link.
VLL leverages technology built into the Mushroom Networks' broadband bonding product lines including support for 25,000 simultaneous IP connections and a built-in VoIP quality manager to improve voice quality by minimizing latency for both inbound and outbound voice traffic.
The magnitude of the combined scale of MPLS-based IP-VPN, VPLS and VLL services with added application assurance to deployed services is impressive and unique," said Rajiv Papneja, Director of Technology Validation at Isocore, commenting on the test results.
The amount of the outstanding Bonds held by VLL to be redeemed on maturity is S$103,895,294 comprising S$87,010,673 in principal amount of the Bonds plus a gross redemption yield of S$16,884,621.
The amount of the Bonds held by VLL to be redeemed on Maturity Date is S$103,895,294 comprising S$87,010,673 in principal amount plus a gross redemption yield of S$16,884,621.
Under the terms of the loan agreement, on Maturity Date, HLGE will redeem fully the Bonds held by all minority bondholders and pay to VLL S$10,895,293 representing a portion of the principal and gross redemption yield.
Large and scalable tables for Layer 2, IPv4, IPv6, ACL, and MPLS -- Deep and scalable buffering to prevent packet loss and ensure service quality -- Large number of logical interfaces to support virtualization of tunnels -- Hierarchical Quality of Service for per-subscriber and per-service queuing and granular traffic shaping -- Scalable and high-performance multicast service delivery -- End-to-end Layer 2/3 VPN services -- VLL, VPLS, H-VPLS, Q-in-Q, MAC- in-MAC, and RFC2547bis VPNs -- Carrier-Class Resiliency with Layer 2 fast protection switching for Ethernet ring topologies -- Statistics and OAM support
The tests involved deployment of the NetIron IMR 640 in the MPLS over DWDM NCIT*net 2 infrastructure in live production traffic conditions and the dynamic provisioning of MPLS services, including VLL, VPLS, and BGP MPLS VPNs over the heterogeneous MPLS architecture of NCIT*net2.
Delivery and installation will be done in consultation with relevant units in the VLL.