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VLPPValsalva Leak Point Pressure
VLPPVirginia League for Planned Parenthood (Richmond, VA)
VLPPVery Low-Pressure Pyrolysis (chemistry)
VLPPValeur Liquidative par Part (French: Net Asset Value per Share)
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15) Measurement of VLPP was performed with the patient in lithotomy position on an urodynamic table.
The mean value of VLPP and CLPP according to the bladder volume, and LPP according to the Stamey grade are shown in Tables 1 and 2.
Both the VLPP and CLPP measurements were affected by Stamey grade.
Presently, we evaluated the relationship between VLPP and CLPP, and the change of LPP with different bladder volumes in SUI women.
A uniform definition of ISD is presently lacking and tests used to diagnose ISD include low VLPP.
VLPP measurement offers an objective means of assessing urethral function and incontinence, which is the intra-abdominal pressure that can overcome urethral resistance and cause urine leakage.
CLPP can also be used to test for SUI when the measurement of VLPP is impossible.
18) The progressive lowering of VLPP in the same patients as the bladder volume increased has been reported in urodynamic studies.