VLQVariable Length Queue
VLQVirtual Link Queue
VLQVery Long Queue
VLQVerse Libre Quarterly
VLQVery Large Quartet (Barbershop Quartets)
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Strategies of this kind have been classified as "authentic language use" and "creative activities" in the VOLSI (Stoffer, 1995), as "activation strategies" in the VLQ (Gu & Johnson, 1996), or as "social strategies" in Schmitt's (1997) taxonomy.
The VLQ (Gu & Johnson, 1996) divides them into "dictionary strategies" and "note-taking strategies," as well as "using background knowledge or the wider context" and "using linguistic cues or the immediate context."
This item list seems to represent a kind of extension of the depth enhancing strategy types found in factor two, but with a focus on such strategies as those represented as "linguistic cues," "the immediate context," "dictionary strategies," and "note-taking strategies" as seen in Gu and Johnson's (1996) VLQ. The lion's share of VLS that loaded onto factor four represented strategies performed to establish new vocabulary knowledge through the use of note-taking (ITEM 7, 42), look-up strategies (ITEM 8, 9, 10), using previous knowledge (ITEM 11, 24, 28, 33).
Gu and Johnson also included a section in their VLQ on "beliefs about vocabulary learning" that perhaps most closely resembles the reflective statements that loaded onto factor five.
However, for small [[theta].sub.h] (or when there is no mixing), the h mediated processes are suppressed, and the [phi] mediated processes due to [phi]gg and [phi][gamma][gamma] effective coupling induced by the VLQ that we include here are important.
Here, we present a model with a SM gauge-singlet hidden sector containing a vector-like fermion dark matter candidate [psi] with mass [M.sub.[psi]] and a CP-even scalar [phi] with mass [M.sub.[phi]] that couples to the visible SM sector via loop induced couplings due to an SU(2)-singlet color triplet VLQ U having hypercharge 2/3 and mass [M.sub.U].
[phi] directly couples to the dark matter at tree-level and at loop level to the SM, in particular to two gluons and two hypercharge gauge bosons, induced by a vector-like quark (VLQ) U.
The VLQ U is in the fundamental of SU(3) and has EM charge +2/3 and thus has gauge interactions with the gluons ([g.sub.[mu]]) and hypercharge gauge bosons ([B.sub.[mu]]) exactly as the SM up-type right-chiral quarks, which are not shown explicitly.
After signing the consent form, participants completed the VLQ, the BTPI, and a Demographics Questionnaire, and were scheduled to return 1 to 2 weeks later.
As this is the first time that the VLQ was evaluated for use as a psychometric instrument and this particular conceptualization of valued living is relatively new, importance and consistency responses were subjected to separate statistical analyses, along with the recommended valued living composite.
First, the distributions of responses on the two parts of the VLQ (Importance and Consistency) were considered separately in preliminary analyses.
Because different items on the VLQ. represent different domains of living, we anticipate global change without necessarily expecting an individual to interact with domains of different value similarly.