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162) Public sentiment inflamed by the availability of heat-of-passion mitigation in the widely-reported Ramage case (163) coincided with independent efforts by the VLRC to rethink homicide defenses.
See VLRC, "Position Paper Two", supra note 61; NZLC, "Legal Parenthood", supra note 61.
1) Whilst the QLRC and VLRC report were comprehensive in their views for reforming the guardianship system, they did include recommendations in relation to mediation and alternative dispute resolution more broadly.
VLRC Bueno participou na elaboracao do projeto, na coleta de dados, analise dos resultados e redacao do artigo.
The VLRC has identified strategies to reduce the risk of organised crime infiltrating industries, including: implementing restrictions on entry, with the report outlining factors that might be considered in deciding whether licensing is appropriate, regulating industry behaviour, including through restrictions on cash-based transactions, addressing the use of professionals, such as lawyers, accountants and real estate agents.
8) VLRC, Review of Family Violence Laws, Report No 185 (2006) [3.
As well as making sure we have protections in place such as the Building and Construction Industry Code and the Construction Code Compliance Unit, authorities will benefit from a comprehensive and in-depth assessment by the VLRC of what factors open up a risk of criminal infiltration of various industries and occupations, and what protective mechanisms are likely to work best in any particular situation.
53) ALRC, NSWLRC and VLRC, Uniform Evidence Law, ALRC Report No 102, NSWLRC Report 112, VLRC Final Report (2005) 149 [5.
In 2013 Mr Clark asked the VLRC to review the common law forfeiture rule and the circumstances in which it should no longer be appropriate for a person who has killed another person to benefit from that death.
39) This would seem to contradict an earlier statement by the VLRC that '[ujnlike the other defences to homicide, infanticide is both an offence and an alternative verdict to murder, which has led to infanticide being treated as a partial defence'.