VLSBValley Life Sciences Building (University of California, Berkeley)
VLSBVery Large Scale Biocomputing (committee; Japan)
VLSBVolcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (Oregon to California)
VLSBVery Low Surface Brightness (galaxy)
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Using VLSB stegnography, there was liberty of hiding any number bits, ranging from 1 to 8 bits, in each pixel.
In this paper, VLSB stegnography was implemented by selecting a cover image and a message file (image).
The VLSB stegnography could be implemented by selecting any number bits Bi", of message and hiding it in cover image pixels.
The VLSB stegnography was implemented by embedding Bi", bits of message in the pixels of cover file.
On comparison with 4LSB stegnography, the hiding capacity and SNR of VLSB stegnography was higher than 4LSB stegnography, while the PSNR was smaller than that of 4LSB technique.
The VLSB stegnography was implemented to hide data using different number of least significant bits and stego images were obtained.
The stego images were very close to the original cover image and the key size was also significantly large which made the use of these combinations of Bi", very suitable for VLSB stegnography due to high quality and fair results of the stego image and strong key size.
The resulted stego images obtained also showed that VLSB gray scale image Steganography was better than other two techniques as shown in Fig-10.
Fig-10 showed the stego images produced by MDT, DDDBA and VLSB grayscale image stegnography.