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VLSMvirable Land Subnet Mask (computer networks)
VLSMVariable Length Subnet Mask
VLSMVietnam Logistics and Support Medal (Australia)
VLSMVariable and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision (IEEE workshop)
VLSMVirtual Laboratory for the Study of Mechanics (Mississippi State University)
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Effect of the LH Lesion on Language Performance (VLSM Results) in Aphasic Participants.
For measures assessing comprehension, VLSM analysis of spoken word comprehension revealed a trend toward a negative relationship between lesions in the left IFG, STG, putamen, and rolandic operculum and spoken word comprehension scores (p = 0.068).
VLSM analyses of production measures revealed no significant relationships between lesions and performance on spoken word production, oral reading, spelling-to-dictation, or sentence production (all corrected ps > 0.1).
The 30-s GPS data analysis shows that station VLSM moved to the SW while station KIPO moved to the N (Fig.
Our continuous GPS stations data (observed offsets) are reported in Table 2 including NOANET stations VLSM and PONT, one private-company station (KEFA) and one station from the HEPOS network (http://www.hepos.gr/; their station 040A renamed SVOR in this paper), in total four (4) stations in operation during the first event.
9a) fits better the observed surface displacements, as motion vectors of VLSM & SVOR fit very well the modeled ones (Figs.
Unlike a VLSM, where the extractor travels only in the vertical axis direction, the design of mini- and microloads features an S/R device that can travel within its aisle both vertically and horizontally, as well as simultaneously.
Horizontal carousels, vertical carousels, vertical lift storage modules (VLSMs), and the miniload and microload (as contrasted with unit load) versions of automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RSs) all stage/store small items in high-density configurations fitting our parameters.
The latest models of either type of carousel, the VLSMs, and the miniloads and microloads generally feature a picking and replenishment station set at a comfortable working height for operators.
All feeder banks are stored in two groupings of three VLSMs (Remstar International, Westbrook, Maine) on the manufacturing floor.
The software then instructs the VLSMs to find the feeder banks and retrieve them.
However the system also has enough flexibility to instruct the operator to leave certain feeder banks on the SMT machine and add others from the VLSMs.