VLTIVery Large Telescope Interferometer
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The VLTI is the only facility that can directly measure the gas motions in the extended atmosphere of Antares a crucial step towards clarifying this problem.
Respuesta serologica antes del desafio (35 dias de edad) y 15 dias posteriores al desafio (50 dias de edad) de pollos de engorde vacunados contra laringotraqueitis infecciosa 35 dias 50 dias (15 (predesafio) dias posdesafio) Grupos (1) PAT (2) PGT (3) PAT PGT A 60 6 2910 2800 B 762 17 1960 600 C 0 0 217 10 D 58 2 490 124 (1) A: Vacuna recombinante del virus de viruela aviar (DVA); B: Vacuna inactivada y la vacuna DVA del grupo A; C: Vacuna recombinante de herpesvirus de pavo (HVT); D: control (2) Promedio aritmetico y (3) promedio geometrico del titulo de anticuerpos contra el VLTI
Providing hexapod for adaptive optics telescopes auxiliary VLTI.
The ESO VLTI provides us with a unique opportunity to improve our understanding of active galactic nuclei," said lead researcher Weigelt.
VLTI, or the VLT Interferometer, has been used since 2002 to link together up to three VLT telescopes, as well as four small auxiliary telescopes that reside beside the big ones on the same platform at Cerra Paranal mountain, at 2,635m altitude.
More specifically I combine the latest high-angular resolution IR and sub-mm data from the frontline facilities VLTI and ALMA with models of the dust emission and of dynamical processes.
The sheer range of this set of observations, from the panoramic WFI image to the fine detail of the VLTI observations, corresponds to a zoom-in factor of 60,000 between the two extremes.
This will become possible by precisely measuring orbits of stars with optical interferometry on ESO s VLTI.