VLTRAValley Lodge Trail Ride Association (Texas)
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In another poem published in a 1922 issue of VLTRA we find lines like, "hemos perdido la letra / de las canciones antiguas" (103): Is that a good thing, or should we lament the loss?
[...] But leste that the old prouerb be obiected agaynst me, Ne sutor vltra crepitam, let the Gardiner meddle no farther then his spade, I wil [...] returne agayne to my Gillowflowers, eftsoones beseeching your worship to accept those that I present you with no lesse thankfulnes then the Gardiner doth offer them willingly.
(5) In 2.1-2, Vltra Saurornatas fugere hinc libet et glacialem/Oceanurn, a bare hinc certainly means `away from Rome'.
(73) "Notandum esse in influxu physico 1) ipsam motus impressionem, qui monadibus communicatur in eisdem excitare perceptionem, nam communicatio motus non nisi per modificationem virium, quae elementis insunt et quas perceptiuas statuit Leibnitius peragi potest; adeoque vltra communicationem motus aliud nil requiritur, ad excitandum perceptionem; et quemadmodum in monadibus corporum similiter et in anima"; Knutzen, Systema Causarum efficientium, [sections]55, p.
vilipendit eos vltra modum.(7) One begins to see here the kind of man who arouses antagonism and resentment.