VLUVenous Leg Ulceration
VLUVehicle Logic Unit
VLUVictims Liaison Unit (est. 1998; Minister for Victims; UK)
VLUVestnik Leningradskogo Universiteta (Russian: Leningrad University Bulletin)
VLUVertical Lift Unit
VLUValid Learning Unit (chemistry education)
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Documents obtained by the solon showed that only car number 63 is still equipped with the proprietary VLU manufactured by the Canadian firm Bombardier Transportation Signal Ltd.
1212 pointed to the alleged installation of 'fake train safety equipment,' DoTr Undersecretary Cesar Chavez clarified that the VLU purchased by BURI 'appears to be original.
A growing interest in improving VLU care has sparked a significant amount of research and development in compression therapy over the past 1 5-20 years.
7 11 9 18660 111 20190 [+ or -] 19070 16 18750 [+ or -] 17830 VLD VLU 17890 [+ or -] 10.
Besides the courses, VLU offers additional information, including the VLU Campus Center, which contains information and links to other Web sites, a bookstore of informative literacy materials, a bulletin board for news and upcoming events, and volunteer information that highlights available volunteering opportunities.
I am referring to the VLU for which BURI was seeking reimbursement,' she said.
Unfortunately, there are no direct head-to-head studies that compare the outcomes of VLU treatment by skin substitutes," noted Dr.
Patients with VLUs often experience considerable pain and swelling, poor functioning and quality of life, and are at risk for developing dangerous wound site and systemic infections.
In particular, our ability to recognize increased sales and profitability from our VLU clearance is subject to all the risks associated with the commercialization of new products based on innovative technologies, including unanticipated technical problems, manufacturing difficulties, gaining customer acceptance and other factors beyond our control.
Based on the proven clinical efficacy of Dermagraft to heal chronic DFUs, the Company believes that Dermagraft will support the growth of new tissue in VLU wound beds, resulting in full wound closure.
Main features: purchase of spare parts and consumables for VL vehicle VLU and the urban community Sicoval the contract is concluded for an initial period of 2 years from the notification of the market and it can be renewed once for a period of 2 years.
The consensus document presents key care issues for VLU and CVI patients in a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and practical manner that ensures the transfer of knowledge into practice to improve the standard of care for patients.