VLVViva Las Vegas
VLVVery-Low Voltage
VLVVoiture Legere De Ville
VLVViva La Vida (Coldplay album and song)
VLVVoiture Légère de Ville (French: Town Car Light; Peugeot electric car; est. 1941)
VLVVeitokani ni Lewenivanua Vakarisito (Christian Democrat Alliance, Fiji)
VLVViva La Vinyl
VLVViikonloppuvapaa (Finnish, Free Weekend)
VLVVenerable Lady Veterinarians (sorority, College of Veterinary Medicine, Philippines)
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VLV chairman Colin Browne said: "Despite the seismic changes in the broadcasting industry, these awards demonstrate that 2016 was a stellar year.
VLV is known to attract the most eye-catching, stylish, head-turning people in one place.
Performance was exceptional for the VLV subjects at 99.
In a recent study, CB, LB, VLV and blindfolded sighted subjects felt panels that intersected at 45[degrees], 90[degrees], or 135[degrees].
In addition, performance levels were very high for the VLV subjects, and they did far better than any other group of subjects.
A day at VLV revealed its strategic planning and administrative set-up.
VLV threatened to sue over the government's proposed sale of the BBC transmitters).
VLV party leader Poseci Bune was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, and a further VLV member, Adi Koila Nailatikau (who is the daughter of the President and long serving former Prime Minister, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara) Minister of Tourism and Transport.
VLV chairman Jocelyn Hay says Welsh viewers face several more years with substandard TV receptions until the analogue switch-off, unless they opt for Sky's package.
Viewers who sign up today could face the risk of Sky withdrawing its card, or of a change in its terms, just at the time that switch-over is completed, says the VLV.
Smiths will also co-market the Lark safety scalpel, the VLV needleless valve and has acquired non-exclusive rights to distribute the Safe T Lance safety lancet in the US.