VLWVirginia Lawyers Weekly
VLWVillage-Level Worker (India)
VLWVisible Language Workshop (MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA)
VLWVereinigte Leipziger Wohnungsgenossenschaft (German: United Leipzig Housing Association; Germany)
VLWVery Long Wave Length
VLWVintage Lightweight (bicycles)
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First she broadcast the video stills through the VLW via a slow-scan television system (a technology used in the 1960s to transmit images from the moon as audio tones).
The VLW scheme also applies to unemployed under 50, provided that, in addition to being unemployed for at least one year, they live in certain geographical areas or cities.
My first official VLW event in the early 1980s was when I was invited by Muriel to participate in a panel on computer art, along with Russell Kirsch, who constructed AI simulations of famous artists' styles [5].
Continuing my contact with Muriel and Ron through the incorporation of the VLW of the Media Lab, I started to teach in the introductory VLW course, and participate in thesis committees for VLW students.
Applying concepts from AI programming to visual design problems such as layout was not the only concern of the VLW.
So the VLW also pursued some work in visual programming and visual representation of knowledge in AI.
Visualization of rules, constraints and graphic relationships continue to play an important role in several VLW projects.
Recent empirical research by the Netherlands Economic Institute shows that, despite fears of major dead-weight losses, [40] SPAK has created about 60 000 extra jobs in the market sector since 1996, and VLW has provided a job for 10 000 to 20 000 long-term unemployed.
For three conferences, during both the VLW and various other meetings, I jotted down a running list of notes I wanted to remember for use in my chapter activities, in my workplace, and for nephrology nursing journal articles I was considering writing (I got "hooked" after the "Writer's Workshop" at the ANNA National Symposium in San Antonio
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