VLibVirtual Library
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Developers utilizing VLIB can achieve improved pixel processing performance up to ten times over standard C code, which enables processing at higher resolutions and frame rates, as well as more advanced features or more channels per device.
ObjectVideo supports TI's initiative to make analytics a more common feature on its DSPs, and VLIB will especially enable manufacturers to get to market faster with higher channel-density devices.
Our innovative fire detection application benefits greatly from VLIB with its evident image processing performance improvement, which allows us to realize our creative algorithm framework on our current resource platform.
FIRS will utilize TI's VLIB as a solid foundation for our facial recognition and intrusion detection applications running on TI's digital media processors based on DaVinci technology, the TMS320DM6446 and TMS320DM6437, respectively.
An image library resource such as TI's VLIB can save a lot of time in development.
Cernium: "The building blocks included in VLIB will allow us to offer a broader range of video analytics functionality to our customers.
By using VLIB, we can quickly - and with a minimal amount of effort - achieve optimal performance.
VLIB is available now directly from TI and is royalty-free.