VMANVirtual Metropolitan Area Networks
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The VMAN Forum plans to develop a set of test tools for measuring conformance to the specifications included in DMTF's VMAN Initiative.
Membership in the VMAN Forum is open to all DMTF members.
The DMTF VMAN Initiative helps the industry develop superior, interoperable solutions for managing virtualized environments," said DMTF President, Winston Bumpus.
With the technologies available to IT managers through the VMAN Initiative, companies have a standardized approach to:
Within the VMAN Initiative, a new key standard also debuts today: the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) standard.
Rapid vendor uptake of DMTF's VMAN OVF standard since Fall 2007 provides clear evidence that the vendor community is serious about simplifying virtual machine deployment.
The DMTF VMAN initiative helps enable IT customers to take advantage of the many benefits of virtualization," said Valerie Kane, division marketing manager, Platform Manageability, AMD.
To accelerate development of tools and products based on the VMAN Initiative, Citrix will open source the core components of Project Kensho in the near future.
As a member of DMTF, we support the VMAN Initiative as it gives our customers a standardized approach to managing their virtualized environments, helping them reduce complexity and cost.
IBM is looking forward to taking virtualization standardization to the next level through the VMAN initiative, particularly as our clients continue moving to highly-virtualized environments and cloud computing.
We expect the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) - the first standard within the VMAN Initiative - to drive increased interoperability and deployment of virtualization solutions.
Sun is committed to supporting the VMAN Initiative as it benefits customers, who will be able to fully reap the rewards of virtualization through the interoperability the OVF standard enables," said Vijay Sarathy, director of xVM, Sun Microsystems.