VMAPVector Map
VMAPVector Smart Map
VMAPVisual Mapping of Portfolios (software)
VMAPVirginia Medical Assistance Program (Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services)
VMAPVirtual Machine Performance Monitor Analysis Program
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These expansions include ADRG, CAD RG, CIB [R], DTED [R], and VMAP (Vector Map), DNC [R] (Digital Nautical Chart), AAFIF [TM] (Automated Air Facility Information File), and ECHUM (Electronic Chart Updating Manual).
VMAP comprises the infrastructure of the Network Operation Centre and the connectivity software within the NOC and the wireless operator's infrastructure to facilitate real-time access and continuous synchronisation of data.
The National Imagery and Mapping Agency's (NIMA) VMAP format is now supported, allowing developers of military applications to easily and efficiently use their legacy data.
VMAP is an enterprise-caliber infrastructure comprised of redundant firewalls, Web servers, database servers and application servers, all hosted in a secured data center and managed by Visto, giving mobile users immediate access to email, calendar and contacts.
Some of the vector formats supported will be ESRI Shapefile, DXF, DWG, VPF, VMAP, and MapInfo MID/MIF.