VMBMarine Bombing Squadron (US Marine Corps)
VMBVoice Mail Box
VMBVeterinary Molecular Biology
VMBVeterans Memorial Bridge
VMBVicci Martinez Band
VMBVAST Message Board (VAST band fan community)
VMBVehicle Management Bus
VMBValve Manifold Box(es) (tool in the fluid/gas processing industry)
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Plus, guests will get a VMB Card at check--in, which offers exclusive discounts at Myrtle Beach's most popular restaurants, attractions, shows and shopping.
The idea of the VMB is to try and overcome this difficulty, to enable fans to access quickly the information they require.
Nasdaq Capital Market: VOCL), a global provider of carrier-class multimedia and voice-over-IP solutions for communication service providers, announced today that VMB, a city carrier in St.
Jim Murphy, SEMI-GAS division manager said, "This basic version of our Nanoturion VMB product line is perfect for the segment of our customer base who seek a simplified, low cost, safe method of distributing process gases.
Guests will receive a VMB card at check-in, which offers guests exclusive discounts at Myrtle Beach's most popular restaurants, attractions, shops and shows.
As part of the bank's commitment to a successful transition for VMB customers, Charles (Chuck) Rogness, president and CEO of Valley Merchants Bank will remain as a local Hemet area consultant for Business Bank of California until his retirement at year-end.
announced today the acquisition of a leading European supplier of ECM (Electro Chemical Machining) technologies and solutions -- VMB, Diva-Tec and VMB Entgrattechnik.
The new liquid VMB has applications as either a standalone unit, or as an integrated offering in GASGUARD(R) or CHEMGUARD(R) fab-wide delivery systems.
Integrating the flexibility of Kinetics' K1 modular surface mount technology with Air Products' GASGUARD(R) VMB design and operational safety performance, the Modular Surface Mount VMB is a highly configurable and compact system.
The compact VMB comes in a standard 24" x 24" size and can be configured to supply up to five different use points.
PHM013 07/16/2001 12:57 r f bc-CA-TRiMEGA-St-Gobn (SAN FRANCISCO) TRiMEGA Offers Modular Aqueous VMB for Cost Effective Delivery of Electronic Process Chemicals Throughout a Fab
VMB options have been allocated to lead market maker Cathy Clay of Timber Hill LLC.