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VMBVacation Myrtle Beach (Myrtle Beach, SC)
VMBVirtual Memory Boot
VMBVirtual Machine Boot
VMBMarine Bombing Squadron (US Marine Corps)
VMBVideo Music Box (est. 1983)
VMBVoice Mail Box
VMBVoice Message Broadcasting (computerized message delivery service)
VMBVariable Message Board (advertising)
VMBVisual Management Board (various organizations)
VMBVeterinary Molecular Biology
VMBVeterans Memorial Bridge
VMBVote-by-Mail System
VMBVAST Message Board (VAST band fan community)
VMBVicci Martinez Band
VMBVehicle Management Bus
VMBValve Manifold Box(es) (tool in the fluid/gas processing industry)
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Speaking during the launch in Lagos on Tuesday, the Director of DPR, Mordecai Ladan, stated that the VMB of oil and gas assets development is part of DPR's regulatory oversight function.
Similarly, VMB [ratio.sub.i,q] (VMS [ratio.sub.i,q]) is defined as the number of VM buys (sells) divided by the total number of buys (sells).
The vine mealybug (VMB) causes damage by feeding on grape clusters and vine parts where it produces honeydew that provides a medium for mold growth and makes grapes unmarketable.
Stephen was so delighted with Waste King's service that he intends to use Waste King for all VMB's future waste collections.
Kirthi VMB. Coronary angioplasty and the internet: what can patients searching online expect to find?
Donovan were buried as a group in a single casket representing the crew on 4 October at Arlington National Cemetery The crew perished when their PBJ (B-25) from Marine Bombing Squadron (VMB) 423 crashed during a training flight on the South Pacific Island of Espirutu Santo (now in Vanuatu) in April 1944.
The voltage multiplier B (VMB) was implemented using BAT62-03W Schottky diodes.
(20.) Silva VK, Silva JDT, Gravena RA, Marques RH, Hada FH, Moraes VMB. Desempenho de frangos de corte de 1 a 21 dias de idade alimentados com racoes contendo extrato de leveduras e prebiotico e criados em diferentes temperaturas.
(29.) Dean L, Meyer IH, Robinson K, Sell RL, Sember R, Silenzio VMB, et al.