VMBRVirtual Machine Based Rootkit
VMBRVisual Motor Behavior Rehearsal (behavioral science)
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A common imagery component within MST and VMBR packages is imagery rehearsal.
The effect of visuo--motor behavior rehearsal (VMBR) and videotape modeling (VM) on the free-throw performance of intercollegiate athletes.
We developed a manual that presented in workbook form the major components of VMBR. Our belief was that the student-athletes would be able to acquire and utilize the skills presented in the manual without extensive external guidance.
This study compared self-administered VMBR to a delayed-training control.
We hypothesized that sport performance would increase significantly more in the VMBR condition than in a delayed-training control condition.
The present study supports the findings of Buckles (1984) that state somatic anxiety was lowered through the use of visuo-motor behavior rehearsal (VMBR).
More directly related to the present study, Hall and Erffmeyer (1983) introduced a videotaped modeling strategy to enhance the effectiveness of the VMBR technique.
The Hall and Erffmeyer (1983) study generated other empirical investigations of the suggested benefits of including videotaped modeling in the VMBR procedure.
In addition to the simple VMBR and VMBR with videotaped modeling included in the previous research, a videotape alone was included to examine the independent effects that such a treatment may have on free-throw shooting performance.
Suinn (1976) introduced VMBR as a type of mental practice that allows a person to experience imagery as if it were reality, with feelings of physiological, emotional, and neuromuscular involvement.
In the present study, an adapted version of VMBR was used with multiple imagery practice sessions, as recommended by Feltz and Landers (1983) to produce an effect on the performance task.
In Study 2, adapted VMBR procedure and performance sessions were conducted on a more condensed basis, that is, two times a week for two weeks.