VMBSVictoria Mutual Building Society (Jamaica)
VMBSVideofluoroscopic Modified Barium Swallow
VMBSVanguard Modular Building Systems (Malvern, PA)
VMBSValley Medical Billing Services (Stockton, CA)
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UC Berkeley researcher Rodrigo Almeida discussed his lab research on the vine mealybug (VMB) and its ability to vector GLRaV-3.
Although VMB has not been linked with the rapid spread of leafroll in North Coast vineyards, it is cited as the vector for leafroll spread in South Africa.
The study also evaluated survival of the VMB in pomace compost piles and showed that VMB could survive up to four weeks in an uncovered, untreated compost pile.
Napa Valley's Spring Mountain Vineyard has found an innovative and environmentally friendly way to deal with vine mealybug (VMB), one of the most destructive of all insect vineyard pests.
For three years, Spring Mountain vineyard manager Ron Rosenbrand fought a losing battle against VMB. Though he was able to keep the bug isolated to one small vineyard block using traditional methods--diligent passage of equipment and employees through the affected vineyard block, and county-recommended pesticides--he was making no progress on eradicating it.
UC Berkeley researchers monitored Spring Mountain Vineyard throughout the growing season and found large percentages of VMB that had been parasitized by wasps.
Moreover, to keep them at very low levels to minimize spread within and between vineyards by contaminating equipment and people, it is also recommended that an in-season spray of another pesticide be applied to kill VMBs feeding out on the vine.
Using vine mealybug (VMB) as a case study, I would like to revisit the concept of IPM.
It is from this perspective that people have concluded that getting VMB will ruin their vineyard IPM programs.
Until VMB came along, their use in California vineyards had pretty much stopped.
VMB is an unusual insect in that the females have no wings.