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VMCMVenous Malformations, Multiple Cutaneous and Mucosal
VMCMVector Measuring Current Meter
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The company says VMCM allows organizations to lower costs by leveraging existing application and portal server investments.
VMCM simplifies the process of creating and maintaining multiple Web sites and portals with shared content and channels to help ensure the consistency, accuracy and quality of content deployed throughout the enterprise.
The standards-based VMCM application will help organizations maximize current or future BEA infrastructure investments to provide functionality such as single sign-on, layout and rendering of portal pages, which can enhance uniformity, consistency and ease of deployment.
By combining the standards-based VMCM application with Sun infrastructure, organizations can launch new portals more rapidly and leverage their existing investment in iPlanet's industry-standard portal server.
With VMCM, companies now have a central application on which to control content, making the administration and delivery of content to all Internet properties, whether an external Web site or employee portal, a manageable function.