VMDCVeterinair Microbiologisch Diagnostisch Centrum (Dutch: Veterinary Microbiological Diagnostic Center; Utrecht University; Netherlands)
VMDCVersaForm Developer of Chart (software; Vantagemed Corporation)
VMDCVox Medusa Dance Company
VMDCViraj Mendis Defence Campaign (Sri Lanka)
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Both NexentaStor and VMDC run on industry-standard hardware, a fundamental pillar of Open Storage, thereby driving acquisition and upgrade costs dramatically lower than those of proprietary solutions.
Nasdaq:VMDCE) today announced that in accordance with Nasdaq Stock Market rules, the ticker symbol for the Company's common stock has been changed from VMDC to VMDCE as of the opening of business on April 18, 2002.
Total proceeds used to purchase VMDC stock in the third quarter of 2001 were approximately $66,000.