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VMDKVirtual Machine Disk (format)
VMDKVMware Disk
VMDKVajdasagi Magyarok Demokratikus Kozossege (Hungarian: Democratic Community of Vojvodina Hungarians)
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Convert it to VMDK format in order to use it with VMWare:
$ VBoxManageclonehdsdb.vdisdb.vmdk --format VMDK $ VBoxManageclonehdsdb.vmdksdb.vdi --format VDI
As shown in the diagram, different VMDKs are attached to different VMs in a multisite N-node cluster using each VM's independent storage.
Efficiency Reports Create a consolidated report of undersized/oversized VMs, snapshot sprawl, rogue VMDKs in order to view and manage the environment in its entirety.
The ability to resume operations from the protected copy while the original VMDK file is being restored can eliminate RTO windows, providing the ultimate payoff for investments in Backup 2.0."
The developing Company chose this release to be its primary source for making an official announcement regarding the release of VMDK file recovery software.
-Recovery of corrupt / damaged VMDK file with high success ratio.
VMware Backup Plug-in stores VMware virtual machine data in the original VMDK file format, thereby enabling archives to be transparent to the third-party software.
SMVI also allows users to instantly recover a datastore, VM, vmdk, or an individual file within a VM guest.
"SAN-Link Technology" seamlessly integrates VMWare into your existing SAN arrays, discovers VMDK files and uses SAN Snapshot for backup and granular restore directly from SAN snapshot.
By eliminating this redundancy among virtual disk images (VMDKs), backups of virtual environments are faster and the resulting backup sets are more highly compressed.