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VMEBUSVersa Module Eurocard Bus
VMEBUSVersatile Modular E-bus
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"Instead of being the VMEbus or compactPCI of the past, it's now Ethernet-based backplanes for architectures like ATCA or the evolution of compactPCI or VPX--all fabric-based interfaces.
"We see increasing customer demand for greater overall system performance while at the same time preserving VMEbus legacy," said David K.
On the other hand, if these users switch to Windows-based PC architecture, even in the form of a VMEbus board with an Intel processor, they are facing the loss of all of their real-time features.
"We've balanced the processing, memory, bus and I/O subsystems to dramatically increase performance for VMEbus applications."
The XVME-3015, for plant floor VMEbus system applications, offers a rugged, 19" rack-mountable enclosure.
Schroff subrack models provide a range of solutions, including 280mm deep VMEbus applications, a cost-effective Europac subrack, optimal shielding against electromagnetic interference, and an extra-tough ruggedized model.
They include signal processing computer firm CSP Inc, VMEbus firms Dy 4 Systems Inc and Sky Computers Inc, image and signal processing company Mercury Computer Systems Inc, and voice video and data convergence firm TeraGlobal Communications Corp.
Reputedly the most successful high-end embedded-bus standard in history, the VMEbus is found in a host of EW-related applications.
General Micro Systems announced the Mini DDrive II, the first VMEbus mass storage card to feature two IDE hard drives and an LS-120 super floppy.
RadiSys Corp., (Nasdaq:RSYS), Hillsboro, Ore., a supplier of embedded computing solutions for industrial automation, telecommunications and other industries, has introduced the EPC(R)-10, a modular, rugged VMEbus baseboard incorporating the RadiSys EPM-2, an embedded processor module powered by a 266MHz Intel Pentium II mobile processor, that delivers optimum performance for industrial automation applications.
Distributed processing and trouble-free communications, two hallmarks of CANbus, can be achieved in other ways--such as the VMEbus in Van Dorn's newest Pathfinder controls or the transputer-based controls sold by other vendors.
The programming assignments run on eight VMEbus systems with CPU boards containing Motorola 68010 processors and various I/O boards for interfacing external devices.