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VMFMarine Fighter Squadron (US Marine Corps)
VMFVariable Message Format
VMFVehicle Maintenance Facility (McMurdo Station, Antarctica - USAP)
VMFVentromedial Prefrontal Cortex (brain region)
VMFValve Map File (level editor file)
VMFVervet Monkey Foundation (South Africa)
VMFVersatile Maritime Force (UK military)
VMFVoenno-Morskoj Flot (Soviet Navy)
VMFVersatile Media Format
VMFVieux Moteurs Fulkériens (French vintage vehicle club)
VMFValve Material File
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A club spokesman said VMF was always a five-year project and was closing as it had run its course.
The VMF SDK currently supports multiple operating systems and processor architectures:
We observe that the proposed filter removes noise pixel from the corrupted 3D CT scan video sequences and also display the higher value of PSNR, lower value of MAE and the lower value of NCD compared with VMF method.
While youth criticize the police and VMF, they are seemingly fascinated by the icons of police and military power.
In both the VMF and GP1 projects, fertiliser N, P, K, and S was applied as various mixtures of urea, ammonium sulfate, single superphosphate, triple superphosphate, potassium chloride, and ammonium phosphate fertilisers in custom N : P : K : S fertiliser blends.
VMF aims to have Silvinit's export contracts with India and China cancelled, claiming that due to its export obligations Silvinit was unable to sell potash to VMF.
Figueiredo FP, Silva AA, Bettiol H, Barbieri MA, Batista RF, Lamy Filho F, Silva R, A; Aragao VMF.
The new administration facility will offer conference and training rooms, a computer lab, shower and locker rooms, while the VMF will provide a hydraulic lift for vehicle maintenance, and custom doors to allow countertop service for better controls over the tool room and parts locker.
1991); In Re Application of VMF For Admission to the Florida Bar, 491 So.
Well-conceived facilities management strategies add significant value not only to architectural master plans, but also to developers, operators and end-users alike, said Olive VMF managing director Fatih Kaka.
StarBrite 5102 EAC exhibits the most advanced deep-blue, chrome-like effects and DOI versus other VMF products on the market today.
Other large companies are expected to follow Atlantic Petroleum and be listed on ICEX and VMF, providing a boost to the Faroese economy.