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VMFVieilles Maisons Francaises (est. 1958; French preservation association)
VMFVoice Master File
VMFVertical Maintenance Facility
VMFVertex Morphing Factor
VMFVoltage Magnification Factor
VMFMarine Fighter Squadron (US Marine Corps)
VMFVariable Message Format
VMFVehicle Maintenance Facility (McMurdo Station, Antarctica - USAP)
VMFValve Material File
VMFVentromedial Prefrontal Cortex (brain region)
VMFValve Map File (level editor file)
VMFVervet Monkey Foundation (South Africa)
VMFVineland Music Festival
VMFVersatile Maritime Force (UK military)
VMFVoenno-Morskoj Flot (Soviet Navy)
VMFVersatile Media Format
VMFVieux Moteurs Fulkériens (French vintage vehicle club)
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Aeronix has been a major contributor to the VMF over CNR community since 2004.
Unfortunately, this type of methods has the drawback similar to the VMF; that is, they only work well on the low density noise because they do not distinguish between the corrupted and the uncorrupted pixels.
A club spokesman said VMF was always a five-year project and was closing as it had run its course.
The VMF SDK currently supports multiple operating systems and processor architectures:
We observe that the proposed filter removes noise pixel from the corrupted 3D CT scan video sequences and also display the higher value of PSNR, lower value of MAE and the lower value of NCD compared with VMF method.
JSEC received the VMF and ABCD messages from individual companies before forwarding them on to the brigade and the Army enterprise.
German investors in Bulgaria that are sponsoring the event are ABB, VMF, Allianz, DB Schenker, Balkanstar, Festo, AHK, Audi, Rollman, HochTief, Bosch, Bautech Bul, Tunkenmuler, AdCare, Europrint, Porsch Concept, Envicom, WebDesign and Wella.
In addition, the SSDL supports the Variable Message Format (VMF, MIL-STD-188-220); is Improved Data Modem (IDM) interoperable; and provides enhanced support to Combat Network Radio (CNR) and Digital Close Air Support (DCAS) missions.
Just before dawn on Sunday, January 25, 1998 police officers and members of the Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) launched 'Operation Restore Public Hope' in urban settlements around Port Vila, Vanuatu.
The first grazing study, called the Vasse Milk Farmlets (VMF), was conducted from mid 2000 to early 2005 and measured the effects of stocking rate and feeding different amounts of concentrate on pasture and milk production (Staines et al.
Dawn VMF, Products (Fremont, CA) has announced a CCE-3VX4 ruggedized 4-slot conduction cooled enclosure for VPX 3U modules.
MLSG is a modular, scalable data link processor that provides standalone platform capability for new and existing platforms, with an upgrade path to Link 16, Link 22 and Variable Message Format (VMF) tactical data links (TDLs).