VMFAVirginia Museum of Fine Arts
VMFAVentura Memorial Flight Association (Canada)
VMFAMarine Fighter Attack Squadron (US Marine Corps)
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VMFA has organized Hinduism related exhibitions in the past, including "God, Hero and Lover: Representations of Krishna in Indian Painting" of 17-19th century jewel-like miniature opaque watercolors of all-encompassing Krishna, which form part of its extensive collection of Hindu paintings.
The awards ceremony will be at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where attendees will have the opportunity for special previews of the landmark Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria exhibition and the VMFA African Art Collection.
Generations: African-American art in the VMFA collection.
COMNAVAIRLANT VFA-86 VFA-143 VAW-123 HS-15 HSL-42 HSC-26 VP-30 VS-32 VX-1 COMNAVAIRFOR VFA-147 VFA-154 VAW-115 HS-6 HSC-21 VP-40 VQ-2 (EW) HSL-37 VAQ-138 VAQ-137 (Pac deployed) (Lant deployed) VAQ-142 VQ-7 (TACAMO) (Expeditionary) COMMARFORCOM HML/A-269 VMR-1 VMM-263 VMGR-252 VMFA-251 VMAQ-1 HMM-365 VMAT-203 VMAQ-3 VMFA (AW)-533 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Naval Test Pilot School Fleet Readiness Center, Southwest COMMARFORPAC HMM-262 VMGR-152 HMH-463 HMH-362 HMH-363 HMM-268 VMA-211 HMM-161 HMLA-369 VMA-311 VMFA(AW)-242 VMFA(AW)- MCAF 121 Kaneohe Bay COMNAVAIRFORES VFC-12 VFC-13 VP-69 VR-1 VR-54 VR-56 VR-58 HSL-60 CG FOURTH MAW HMLA-773 HMLA-775(-) HMLA-773, Det.
January 13, 1992: The Navy and Marine Corps integrates VMFA and VMAQs into carrier air wings.