VMFSVirtual Machine File System (VMware)
VMFSVirtual Mirror File System
VMFSVoyagers Mail Forwarding Service (Islamorada, FL)
VMFSVirtual Memory File System
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MAG-33 included VMFs 115 and 311 with F9Fs; Marine All-Weather Fighter Squadron 513 flying F3D Skynights and F4U-5N and F7F Tigercat night-fighter aircraft; and Marine Photographic Squadron 1 operating F2H-2P Banshees, F7F-3P Tigercats, F4U-5Ps and F9F-2Ps.
By 7 August VMFs 214 and 323 were flying continuous CAS sorties ahead of the Marine and Army troops on the ground.
On 25 July, VMFs 115 and 311 flew strikes against enemy concentrations.