VMGVoice Message
VMGVineyard Music Group
VMGVideo Map Generator (AN/GPA-134)
VMGVertical Magnetic Gradient (geophysical surveying)
VMGVisión Mundial de Guatemala (World-Wide Vision of Guatemala)
VMGVelocity Made Good/Ground
VMGVersatile Music Group (band)
VMGVirtual Material Group
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On top of residential appraisal services, VMG also offers commercial appraisals which Dart will now be able to provide to its customers.
VMG Partners is focused solely on partnering with entrepreneurs and managers to support the growth and strategic development of branded consumer products companies in the lower middle market.
En el caso de las variables VMG, VME, VU, VSM y VD, que miden intensidad de uso, el modelo utilizado es el binomial negativo; para la variable DH, el mejor ajuste lo tuvo el modelo binomial negativo inflado en cero.
According to Toffolo, because of the expansive scope of the Russian market, both VMG and Nuova Gidue felt the need for a closer cooperation than the "standard" supplier-distributor relation.
VMG is also currently developing a range of other microwaveable pizza snacks.
After uncovering the alleged identikit parts, VMG - which named Vogue producer Richard Pettibone (who also worked on Love Break remixes) in the suit - is now demanding unspecified damages.
After uncovering the alleged identikit parts, VMG Salsoul are now demanding unspecified damages.
VMG Salsoul is now suing for copyright infringement, demanding unspecified damages.
announced today that it has acquired an approximately 25% stake in Vietnam's largest mobile content provider, VMG Media Joint Stock Company (VMG), which owns a market share of roughly 25% in the country.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-August 10, 2011-NTT DOCOMO acquires stake in Vietnam's VMG Media JSC(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
velocidade media de germinacao (VMG): calculada pela formula VMG = 1/t em que: t = tempo medio de germinacao.