VMHCVentricular Myosin Heavy-Chain
VMHCVlijmense Mixed Hockey Club (Vlijmen, North Brabant, Heusden, Netherlands)
VMHCValley Mental Health Center (Ansonia, CT)
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The ROC analysis demonstrated that the regional VMHC changes of MeFG (AUC = 0.808, P < 0.001) exhibited good performance in distinguishing HP patients from healthy controls, with sensitivity (75.8%) and specificity (75.8%) (Figure 3).
To our knowledge, this is the first study to adopt the VMHC to identify changes in interhemispheric functional connectivity and associate these alterations with disrupted emotion and cognition in hyperthyroid patients.
The reduced interhemispheric functional connectivity in the MeFG of hyperthyroid patients, as well as the positive correlation between the VMHC in the MeFG and episodic memory, further proved that abnormal brain function in the medial structure of DMN was associated with aberrant cognitive function in hyperthyroidism.
Importantly, the noticeable effect of the changed regional VMHC in the MeFG on differentiating hyperthyroidism was also primarily confirmed.
Pearson correlation analyzes the durations of blindness negatively correlated with VMHC in the bilateral middle frontal gyri, middle temporal gyri, and inferior temporal gyri (P < 0.01) (Table 5 and Figure 3).
VMHC is a new proposed approach to assess the homotopic functional connectivity, which makes it feasible to calculate resting-state brain functional connectivity between each voxel and its mirrored counterpart located in the bilateral hemisphere.
Our findings revealed significantly decreased VMHC in the bilateral calcarine cortices, lingual cortices, cuneus, superior occipital gyri, middle occipital gyri, and precentral cortices in EB group.
In the current study, we found the duration of blindness negatively correlated with VMHC in the bilateral middle frontal gyri, middle temporal gyri, and inferior temporal gyri, which indicated that interhemispheric interactions of these regions might be influenced by disease courses.
The voxel-based VMHC analysis was performed using the SPM8 software package.
The differences in VMHC among the three groups are shown in [Figure 1] and [Table 2].
In schizophrenia patients with complete remission, there were no significant correlations between VMHC in the visual region and PANSS positive score (partial correlation coefficient [ pr ] =0.010, P = 0.957), negative score ( pr = −0.006, P = 0.972), and general score ( pr = 0.063, P = 0.725), and between VMHC in the sensorimotor region and PANSS positive score ( pr = 0.349, P = 0.043), negative score ( pr = 0.025, P = 0.887), and general score ( pr = 0.121, P = 0.495).
In this study, we found that VMHC in the visual and sensorimotor regions was lower in schizophrenia patients with complete remission and incomplete remission compared to normal controls; however, there was no significant difference between the two patient subgroups.