VMHTVirtual Museum of the History of the Telescope
VMHTVKI (Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics) Methodology Hypersonic Testing (technical periodical)
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The VMHT microhardness tester has 12 incremental test forces to allow testing to ASTM, DIN, JIS and other standards while providing flexibility for non-traditional testing.
The microindentation hardness, H, was determined at room temperature using a LEICA VMHT MOT micro-indentation tester, with a square based diamond indenter and all the tests were performed at a speed of 45 [micro]m [s.sup.-1].
Microhardness of JCS and JMS composites was measured to determine the hardness of nano-biocomposite samples using Vicker's hardness (UHL VMHT, Germany) instrument.
VMHT AUTO MOT microhardness tester with motorized turret interfaces with proprietary image analysis materials workstation software.