VMINBasic Clean Aircraft Minimum CAS
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Best subset multiple regression revealed the types and directions of movements responsible for the maximal velocities or velocities at the moment of contact (Vmax, Vmin, Vcont) significantly correlated with VRmax and VRcont.
Nota-se que houve uma otimizacao dos resultados, principalmente nas variaveis de velocidade onde se constata que a velocidade minima (Vmin) pos-treinamento, obteve valores maiores que a velocidade maxima (Vmax) antes do treinamento.
When isotopes of the same element are present, like for Xe or Ge, the vmin intervals of the different isotopes almost completely overlap, and we take [v.sub.min,1] and [v.sub.min,2] to be the [C.sub.T]-weighted averages over the isotopes of the element.
In all study patients, blood flow parameters in right and left eyes were assessed (maximum velocity Vmax, minimum velocity Vmin, mean velocity Vm, resistive index RI and pulsatility index PI) in the short posterior ciliary arteries of the temporal optic disc, by color Doppler imaging in projection B using Toshiba Aplio SSA 770A with a linear probe of 14.0 MHz.
LA maximum volume (Vmax) at the end-systolic phase, LA minimum volume (Vmin) at the end-diastolic phase and LA volume before atrial systole (Vp) were measured and calculated with adjustment to body surface area.
The diffraction angel was scanned from 2 [theta] = 1.5 [degrees] to 10 [degrees] at a scanning rate of 1 Vmin. The operating current was 30 mA, and the voltage was 50 kV.
Besides peak and average the list of automatic measurement functions includes: Vpp, Vmax, Vmin, Vamp, Vtop, Vbase, Cmean, Mean, Vrms, Crms, ROVShoot, FOVShoot, RPREShoot, FPREShoot, Freq, Period, Rise time, Fall Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, - Duty, BWid, Phase, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF, LFR and LFF.