VMIRVeronica Mars in Review
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Briefly, the viral genome was scanned for hairpin-structured miRNA precursors using a VMir Analyzer program [28, 29].
Prediction of Precursor miRNA (Pre-miRNA) Hairpins with VMir. MERS-CoV viral genome was screened with VMir Analyzer program and the result of VMir analyzer was visualized by VMir Viewer program which shows complete output in graphical manner with sequence length and score.
These in silico resources include MiRscam, miRSeeker, Phylogenetic shadowing, miRank, miRDeep, MiRanalyzer, proMiR II, mirabela, triplet-SVM, Vmir, RNA micro, BayesMiRNAFind, One-ClassMirnaFind, miPred, Srnaloop, and findMiRNA [226].