VMKVirtual Magic Kingdom (online game)
VMKVolume Master Key
VMKVehicle-Mount Kit
VMKVerlag für Marketing und Kommunikation (Germany)
VMKVereniging Milieubeheer Kunststofverpakkingen (Dutch)
VMKVirtual Multifunctional Keyboard
VMKVarosi Muvelodesi Kozpont (Magyar: Veszprém, City Culture Centre; Hungary)
VMKVirtual MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Keyboard (software)
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Two thin layers of opaque porcelain powder (VMK 95, VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad Sackingen, Germany) in a paste/liquid mix were applied on the metal specimens using a brush and fired according to the manufacturer's instructions (Porcelain furnace, Vacumat 40 ; Vita Zahnfabrik, Bad Sackingen, Germany).
VMK CEO Verone Mankou has made bold claims for the past few years about his company's projected growth.
"These VMK stores are being set up to make new technologies accessible to as many people as possible."
For some dental ceramics (IPS Empres, Vita VMK 68, Vitadur Alpha Core, Vitadur Alpha Dentin, etc.), it has been shown that deviations from two parameter Weibull distribution can occur [14, 15].
The Correct answers to the quests are awarded with trading cards that have a code which can be entered when guests return home and go online to vmk.com.
Whether it is Nigeria's Encipher, Congo-Brazzaville's VMK, Ghana's rLG and Kludjeson, or even more daringly, Cameroon's cardiopad, which aims to offer a cardiograph (ECG) service on the go, Africans are investing considerable entrepreneurial and intellectual resources into devising a portable computer system that can serve Africa's users.
In 2011, during an Africa Web Summit in Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo, the CEO of VMK, Verone Mankou, launched the Tablet Way-C.
In December, for example, Republic of Congo-based company VMK launched what it claims is the first African-designed smartphone and tablet-although it is manufactured in China and powered by Android.
His company VMK's first product was the Galaxy tab-sized tablet called Way-C, meaning 'the light of the stars'.