VMMCVirginia Mason Medical Center
VMMCVirtual Memory-Mapped Communication (telecommunications)
VMMCVardhaman Mahavir Medical College (India)
VMMCViral Marketing Media Corp. (New York, NY)
VMMCVehicle Maintenance Management Conference
VMMCVeterans Memorial Medical Center (Philippines; est. 1995)
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VMMC reduces the risk of HIV transmission by approximately 60%.
1240, Arroyo proposed that VMMC, a hospital catering to the needs of military veterans and retirees, be protected from sale or disposition, and to give it its own juridical personality for greater flexibility and independence in its operations.
During April 2012-November 2015, PEPFAR's VMMC program reported 12 tetanus cases in five sub-Saharan African countries.
Luke's as doctors at the VMMC admitted that it "does not have the facilities and equipment necessary to perform these tests/examinations, as stated in the Medical Certificate dated 1 October 2015.
A significant development in the lead-up to the current public/private partnership was that all medical aid schemes (both open and closed) in the Metropolitan stable removed all exclusions around VMMC (in 2012).
Can one then give informed consent to undergo VMMC on the basis of just a percentage?
Athanasius Ochieng', VMMC national programme manager.
If we lower the HIV rate in a community then women also benefit from VMMC indirectly" said Cindra.
In the bill, Arroyo seeks to give VMMC its own juridical personality and give it greater flexibility and autonomy in its operations.
Data were collected from VMMC client medical forms and country-specific data collection and summarization tools from CDC-supported sites.
To argue that VMMC has not been 'field tested' is inaccurate.
Only a few could manage to come to VMMC Our ultimate goal is to build veterans' hospitals in the regions,' Ching said.