VMMSVoip Monitoring and Management System
VMMSVOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Monitoring and Management System
VMMSVirtual Machine Management Service (Microsoft software)
VMMSVista Magnet Middle School (Vista, CA)
VMMSVending Maintenance Management System (software)
VMMSVascular Multi-Risk Metabolic Syndrome
VMMSVoice Mail Management System
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In VMMS main subsystems of vehicle, ignition system, exhaust system, fuel system, and cooling system are analyzed in detail.
Figure 1 shows complete flow diagram of proposed VMMS. In data processing layer, first step is feature selection in which data stream of DTC is filtered in feature selection process using experts suggestion.
However, current memory introspection solutions only analyze the target VM and their memory analysis capabilities depend on the functionality provided by the VMM. Further, it is difficult to detect VM escape and these technologies cannot resist attacks from the host or malicious VMMs.
That is, compared with existing VMI technology, there is no need to install a proxy in a virtual machine monitor (VMM) or host.
(iii) Software aging-related failures [39,53] on both VMMs and VMs subsystems: they are known as another subtype of Mandelbugs; software aging in long-run software systems like VMM and VM subsystems causes an increased failure rate and/or degraded performance due to accumulation of aging errors.
For strengthening defenses, since the scenario considered in this paper is constructed in a virtualized environment, a number of Virtual Machines (VMs) are governed by a Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) that controls all information details for all VMs.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in her opening remarks, announced the Obama administration's support for VMMS as a tool in the fight against the global spread of HIV and AIDS, telling attendees:
The VMM-Master coordinates all VMMs inside the primary VM.
The guest consumes resources as if it were natively running on the hardware platform, oblivious to the fact that it's being managed by an additional component, called the VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor), or hypervisor.
The function of the ZigBee coordinator on the gateway is to handle the messages between the gateway and the end devices or routers including the meters, control units, and vehicle monitoring/identification modules (VMMs) [9] on the PEVs.