VMO-6Marine Observation Squadron 6
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For example, between November 27 and December 1, VMO-6 lifted 109 casualties from Yudam-ni, 36 from Hagaru, and 7 from Koto-ri.
VMO-6 also flew several OY Sentinel artillery-spotting aircraft, nicknamed "Grasshoppers.
Sanders spent almost an hour on the ground trying to elude his pursuers before a VMO-6 helo could be brought in by Marines, risking heavy fire from the vengeful enemy.
While the drops went off without a hitch, enemy counterattacks necessitated a call to VMO-6, which responded by evacuating 13 wounded.
Upon arriving at Pusan on 2 August, VMO-6 was immediately swamped with calls.
VMO-6 tried to maintain one or two Sentinels aloft at all times, which often ranged far ahead of the point, operating at extremely low altitudes to locate well-camouflaged enemy positions.