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VMOSVirtual Mos
VMOSVertical Mos
VMOSV-Groove Metal Oxide Semiconductor
VMOSVertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor
VMOSVirtual Memory Operating System (computing)
VMOSVirtual Machine Operating System
VMOSVascular Malformation Osseous
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Of these four, one, the vastus medialis obli-quus, or VMO, is the key.
First, the VMO is the key muscle for the stabilization of the two joints of the knee, especially the kneecap or patellofemoral joint.
Strapping using the McConnell technique and strengthening VMOs is a good treatment method, however it will not correct the problem--strapping will only assist in pain relief, and the condition will constantly reoccur until the knee has degenerated or become Osteo-Arthritic, which will require surgical Intervention.
One such mission that was repeatedly executed was Village Medical Outreach (VMO).
Eileen Willis, School of Medicine, Flinders University Table 1: Activity data and staffing numbers 1994/95-1999/2000 Westernvale Hospital Occupancy Same- Cost per Nursing Year (%) day separation staff 1994 N/A 13,186 $3,029 922 1995 86.9 14,232 $2,782 833 1996 87.8 N/A $3,417 857 1997/8 88.3 16,553 $3,790 882 1998/9 87.3 17,860 $2,505 918 1999/2 95.40 20,035 N/A 881 Hotel Medical staff- staff/ LOS Year PSAs VMOS * days 1994 314 292/26 5.10 1995 200 273/n/a 5.22 1996 180 238/n/a 5.30 1997/8 146 308/22 5.01 1998/9 150 324/21 4.72 1999/2 144 336/21 5.10 * Visiting Medical Officer
"Rockwell Collins chose LynxOS as the basis for our internally-developed VMOS to provide the critical DO-178B functionality necessary for our commercial and military open system avionics.
Turf was rated monthly for 12 mo by VMOS and three human evaluators.
VMOs do have designated managers for core products, segments, and channels, but the number of these managers, the scope of their responsibilities, and the people to whom they report evolve constantly to reflect changing opportunities.
Steele urged the Assistant Surgeon General to consider establishing a Veterinary Medical Officer (VMO) category within USPHS.