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VMPCVariably Modified Permutation Composition (encryption technology)
VMPCVisionary Medical Products Corporation
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VMPC, los bajos niveles de serotonina generan que los impulsos emocionales salgan mas facilmente a flote.
The study also supports the theory that the emotional component is seated in the VMPC.
The VMPC has been shown to be the seat of the generation of emotions and particularly social emotions.
VMPC Disposable Safety Syringes are designed to be made on existing disposable syringe production equipment with only slight modifications to the present manufacturing processes.
Unlike conventional jet injectors which are cumbersome and awkward to use and fill, the VMPC injector is the simplest of injection devices to use and carry.
VMPC designs, develops, licenses and markets proprietary medical devices.
With the VMPC package we desire to provide the core communication tools for all team work groups.
VMPC provides full-fledged video conferencing over ISDN lines.
Hence, the functionality of an overhead projector may be substituted by VMPC, whenever the presentation material is available in electrical form.
VMPC utilizes regular TV sets as a display device, instead of a computer monitor.