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VMPCVariably Modified Permutation Composition (encryption technology)
VMPCVisionary Medical Products Corporation
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VMPC, los bajos niveles de serotonina generan que los impulsos emocionales salgan mas facilmente a flote.
Working with researchers at the University of Southern California, led by Antonio Damasio, Young studied a group of nine patients with damage (caused by aneurisms or tumors) to the VMPC, a plum-sized area located behind and above the eyes.
The study also supports the theory that the emotional component is seated in the VMPC. (ANI)
That is, 'push the fat man off and 'smother the baby.' This is a clear confirmation of the importance of emotions in moral decisions, as these same subjects with VMPC lesions have diminished emotional responsiveness and very reduced social emotions.
This conclusion is also confirmed by recent fMRI studies of patients with damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPC) by Koenigs et al.
the 'means') are shown in the fMRI studies to be overriding the emotional decision of their ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPC) with activation of their anterior cingulate and Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, brain areas associated with cognitive conflict and abstract reasoning.
Similar effects are seen in patients with damage to the part of the brain's frontal lobe called the ventro-medial prefrontal cortex (VMPC), which integrates emotion into decision-making.
Without these neural circuits in the VMPC intact, a decision-maker can be frozen into 'analysis paralysis'--unable to decide, because the rational analytical processes run haywire, remaining unchecked by feelings which otherwise would weed out alternatives, sense unfavourable outcomes and eventually help terminate the decision-making process.