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VMPSVLAN Membership Policy Server (Cisco)
VMPSVlan Management Policy Server
VMPSVirginia Mason Production System (healthcare management method)
VMPSVictoria Motion Picture School (film and video production school; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
VMPSVery-Metal-Poor Stars (astronomy)
VMPSVector-Modulator-Based Phase-Shifter
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Brian had been making VMPS loudspeakers for at least as long as I had owned my Fultons, and Brian lived not twenty minutes from my house.
The VMPS RM40s do everything you would want a good pair of high-end speakers to do, and they do it with a minimum of fuss and bother (except in initial setup).
At Virginia Mason, all hospital executives must be certified in VMPS and must annually lead and sponsor VMPS in their areas in order to maintain certification.
But in the end, fealty to VMPS precepts produced a major win-win for the system and its patients.
But since productivity is a factor when individual physicians' salaries are being allotted (annual revenue per family doctor is now $36,000 higher than for internists despite having started out $20,000 lower in 2003), the internists too are earnestly dancing to the VMPS piper.
He was, and has become a VMPS cheerleader, says Kaplan.
Every senior manager from the assistant director level up is required to earn a VMPS Workshop Leader qualification (by attending seven daylong sessions over six months).
To alleviate fear that a laborsaving idea might result in the loss of one's own job (and at least $1 million have been saved by eliminating surplus positions through attrition since the VMPS was launched two years ago, King reports), there is a no-layoff policy.
Vicom's president, Dan Chugg, said, "Vicom is gratified with the response to VMPS at the SGML/HyTime Conference in Seattle last month.
While the major corporate focus is on successfully launching VMPS, the Company continues to provide the resources to ensure the ongoing success of its SAFE-T-Disc(TM), SmartCata
Brian Cheney of VMPS has been producing excellent speakers for many years now; our own JJP, in fact, recently purchased a pair of RM40s and is crazy about them.
Over the years, a handful of companies, such as NHT, VMPS, Boston Acoustics, AR, RDL, Allison Acoustics, and even Klipsch, have, with varying degrees of success, built assorted systems designed to combat this phenomenon.