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First, methyl vinyl silicone rubber (VMQ), fumed silica, and hydroxyl silicone oil were put into an internal mixer (HAAKE, PolyLab OS-RheoDrive 7) at 105[degrees]C for 30 min to obtain a rubber composite.
Measurements of initial volume, hardness and tensile properties are made on specimens of specified dimensions cut from sheets of reference VMQ rubbers.
* Silicon rubber (VMQ) is not suitable for most CIP and SIP applications including alkaline media or under hot steam sterilization conditions.
* Different Types (I would focus on primarily VMQ, not fluro or phenyl)
These products are said to be effective in a wide variety of elastomers, including CPE, EPDM, EPM, EVA, VMQ, SBR, IR, BUR, NBR and HNBR.
Silicone rubber (VMQ) offered a much broader service temperature range than CR, but some limitations on fatigue resistance, grease compatibility and cost served to narrow its application range.
Typically, silicone elastomers are marketed as high consistency rubber (HCR) with a standard chemical classification of VMQ, or vinyl methyl siloxane.
Varox DCBP-50 PS is an organic peroxide crosslinking agent for polymers, especially silicone rubber (VMQ).
Before HT-ACM became available, sealing and hose applications requiring long-term performance in this temperature range incorporated the use of organic fluorocarbon polymer (FKM), silicone (VMQ) or fluorosilicone (FVMQ).
For turbocharger hose applications, silicone rubber (VMQ) outer layers, strengthened with reinforcing fabric, are combined with a fluorosilicone (FVMQ) hose liner.
Figure 4 suggests a potential opportunity and need for a robust construction between (AEM/AEM) and (FKM/ VMQ) in terms of performance and cost.
* Different types (focusing on primarily VMQ, not fluoro or phenyl)