VMRSVoice Message Relay System
VMRSVehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
VMRSVolunteer Marine Rescue Services (Fire and Emergency Services Authority; Australia)
VMRSVacuum-Mold Repair System
VMRSVictorian Model Railway Society (Australia)
VMRSMarine Corps Service Squadron (US Marine Corps aviation unit designation)
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More than 125 fleets and maintenance software developers currently are reported to be using VMRS 2000.
According to TMC staff, VMRS currently lists over 22,300 individual parts, with more being added.
TMC has a dedicated staffer who oversees VMRS, Jack Poster, and he can be reached at jposter@trucking.org.
Visual mathematical representations (VMRs) constitute an important subset of mathematical representations.
MCTs incorporating interactive VMRs that can effectively support learning and cognitive processes of learners are difficult to design.
In VMRS, it is the producer who establishes quantities on the basis of his knowledge of the outgoings from the centre of distribution, of the stock still present and of the orders already sent in from points of sale, according to prearranged resupply programmes [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
Amongst distributors it is important that agreements about economic quantities and delivery frequencies to centres of distribution and points of sale exist with a view to the adoption of VMRS, in fact based on the knowledge of optimum order lots and re-ordering intervals, producers can make more precise forecasts about expected consumption and as a consequence they can supply a better service making more reasonable and economical order proposals.
Measurement of VMR may also be an indicator of vitamin D sufficiency in African Americans who have low 25D concentrations but are not functionally deficient.
In the present study, we tested whether there are also differences in 24,25[(OH).sub.2]D concentrations and VMR values between racial groups.
No predictive value could be established until now in another study in Brazil investigating the risk of developing leprosy in contacts with abnormal vasomotor reflexes (VMR) and a positive PGL-1 test.