VMRTVarieties of Minimal Rational Tangents
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The accuracy of motor response and VMRT was recorded using a SONY HDR PJ220E camcorder.
05) with subsequent post-hoc analysis was applied to determine the significance of differences in the VMRT and accuracy of choice of motor response in the four different modes of exercise intensity.
60) was found in VMRT between M-AEM and M-INTERM however without significant confirmation in ANOVA.
Resulting correlation of the visual-motor response time and the accuracy of motor response in the individual exercise modes: No significant correlations were reported between the values of VMRT and the accuracy of motor response among the individual modes of exercise intensity (r = -0.
The results of our study confirmed previous findings regarding visual-motor response time because we found significantly faster VMRT after M-AEM (moderate intensity exercise) compared to M-ANAEM (maximal intensity exercise).
The performance of perceptual-cognitive skills involving tasks such as choice reaction time or VMRT typically improves during the completion of exercise tasks of increasing intensities until maximal energy expenditure is reached.
Further research should be focused on assessment of VMRT and accuracy in motor response during different physical intensity conditions from a real-field position view.
Further research should focus on the assessment of VMRT from a player's real--field position view rather than a perspective view.