VMSBMarine Scout Bombing Squadron (Marine Corps aviation unit designation)
VMSBVancouver Masonic Service Bureau (Canada)
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The Business Practices Committee was later added to the VMSB. Its goal is to make best practices decisions for the business side of the veterinary facilities and to safeguard the financial aspects.
Mathews (651) 455-6700 Marine Embassy Guard Assn: Thomas Butler (212) 734-7668 Sixth Defense Bn & Defenders of Midway Isl: Robert Hendrick (916) 967-6995 VMSB 343 (3rd Mar Air Wing): Glenn P Kelley 1704) 786-1040 MISCELLANEOUS All Berlin Vets: Les Rosenbaum (520) 456-1910; e-mail: berlinvets@cs.com All Korean War Veterans: Charley Bernat i402) 371-7672 Northeast USA Vietnam Veterans: T.J Smith (518) 634-2499; e-mail: jarhead@francomm.com USS Gen.
Hunt (714) 498-7805 Montford Point Mar ine: Nat James, PO Box 928, Jacksonville, NC 28541 VMSB 142, Mar Air Gp 12: Arnold J.
Garrison (937) 836-8190 Cos A/B/H&S/Wpns, 5th Rgt, 1st Mar Div (Korea):Dick Large (402) 423-6961 FLC, FLSG-A/B, FLSU-1/2, FSR:Bill Frankford(330) 424-1339; e-mail: tfrank50@hotmail.com G Co, 2nd & Weapons Pltns, 2nd Bn, 26th Mar (1968-70):Michael Lerp(401) 374-1008; e-mail: micler@ccpl.carr.org VMSB Sqdn 142: Arnold J.
Fontaine (850) 476-5992 Mojave Desert Marines: Sta HQ Sqdn, Marine Air Sprt Gp 51/Guard Det, Marine Base, Defense Aircraft 44/AWRS 1 (women)/VMF 225/VMSB 236/VMF 218/VMO 251/VMD 254/VMF 121/VMF 124/ VMF 213/VMSB 332/VMF 451/VMF 452/AWS 8/CASD 6/VMF 324/VMF 511/VMF 512/VMO 35/VMF 321/VMF 123/VMF 513/ VMF 514/VMF 221/VMTB 132/VMF 214/VMTB 144/VMTB 454/ VMSB 133/VMTB 622/VMTB 623/VMTB 624/VMF 124/AWS 12/ AWS 13/VMTB 151/VMF 472/VMTB 134/CASD 7/VMF 211/ VMSB 341: Harold Knudsen (218) 732-3978 Second Pltn, Golf Co, 2/26th (1568-70 RVN): Michael `Doc' Lerp (410) 374-1008; e-mail: micler@ccpl.carr.org USS Adm.
Rockhold (504) 927-0837 Sixth Mar Div: Vince Mathews (651) 455-6700 VMR 352 Mar Air Trans Sqdn (now VMGR 352): Russell Shoemaker (626) 446-4901 VMSB 142, MAG 32 (WWII): Kenneth Carvo (509) 453-2321 MISCELLANEOUS Berlin U.S.
Fontaine (850) 476-5992 Defenders of Midway, 6th Defense Bn: Donald Drake (757) 486-3904 VMSB 142, MAG 32 (WWII): Kenneth Carvo (509) 453-2321 MISCELLANEOUS Berlin U.S.