VMTHVeterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
VMTHVeterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital
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She is now also able to eat and drink "without any complications" but will remain in the ICU "until, at least, she has her sutures removed," the VMTH bulletin added.
In foreseeing her fast recovery from the surgery, the VMTH also said Kabang was no longer taking pain medication and has not been sedated lately because "she doesn't appear to be in any pain.
At no time was it necessary to insert a feeding tube," the VMTH added.
Her vets describe her as the ideal patient," Rob Warren, VMTH communications officer, said in the same bulletin.
These treatments were continued for 2 months, until the bird returned to the VMTH for evaluation.
The overall objective of this RFx is to select a supplier or suppliers to assist UC in establishing the most cost effective and efficient procurement program for the UC Davis VMTH while maintaining high standards of quality and service.
Nine months after initial assessment, the bird presented to the LSU VMTH dull with pronounced pelvic limb paresis.
A 13-year-old female wild-phenotype cockatiel was presented as an emergency to the LSU VMTH for a 2-day history of dyspnea.